Designing Data Intensive Application

Storage and Retrieval (3) - Column-based storage engine

while the analytical requirement arise in large companies, the performance for aggregating large scale data gradually cannot be accepted by using row-based storage engine. Column-based storage engines were developed for optimizing analytical requirement. They have huge improvement while query large portion of data on few columns. In this article we will talk more about its core concept.


Storage and Retrieval (2) - B Tree

B Tree is one of the most famous data structure of page-oriented storage engine (e.g. MySQL). page-oriented storage engine has relatively good read performance comparing to log-structured storage engine. Let's take a look at B Tree!


Storage and Retrieval (1) - SSTable and LSM Tree

SSTable and LSM Tree are the underlying data structure of log structure storage engine (e.g. Cassandra). Log structure storage engine has relatively good write performance comparing to page oriented storage engine (e.g. B Tree, adopted by MySQL). Let's take a look at SSTable and LSM Tree !